RHMM 3 Month Update

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The end of June marked a full quarter of the year that RightHandMoneyMan.com has been live!


I started this website out of a passion for helping people manage their money well.  Money is interconnected with every part of our lives, so the better we handle it, the better our lives will be.


So far, things have only gotten better as time has passed with this site in existence.  The first three months have seen steady growth, and I’ve gotten to help people as we’ve begun to build a bit of community around what’s happening here!


The Stats


This post is my 30th on the site!  Technically though, we’re in month 4 so the number to report is 27 posts in the first 3 months.  It’s been pretty busy!


I saw a nice increase in traffic after the first month as I’ve averaged over 400 page views each in both May and June.  A large part of this bump was getting to be featured as a guest post on MillennialMoneyMan.com talking about the concept of early retirement.  That was a lot of fun to do, and I’m super appreciative to Bobby for the opportunity!


As of the 3 month mark there had been 485 unique visitors to the site, with 77.6% being brand new and 22.4% returning.  I LOVE this because that means we’re up over triple digits in the number of you who are liking what I’ve got to say enough to come back.  Seriously, thank you so much for reading.  I truly hope that I give you some hope and encouragement as a result of you being here.  If you’d like to be notified when I post new content and when I highlight things you’ll find helpful, just sign up for my email list here.


Cool Stuff That’s Happened


Like I mentioned, getting to guest post for Bobby was an awesome opportunity.  It gave me a real boost into the personal finance blogging world, and helped me connect with so many people I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.


I have a logo!  One of the things I wanted to work on after my first month was the overall experience you have when you connect with me on this site or elsewhere.  As a result, I was able to settle on a really clean logo (with design skills from the really hot lady I live with…my wife) that provides consistent branding across all platforms.  I also took some steps to improve the speed of the site, all with the goal that you know you’re a part of something worthwhile when you’re here.


Steve Winn, a casino owner in Las Vegas once said “You tell the public what you think of them by the product you present to them.”  I know it’s not the Taj Mahal of websites or anything, but I do hope you feel that I want to give you a great experience as you roam this site.  I’m truly honored that you’re here.


Perhaps the coolest thing that has happened so far is that some of you have asked for my help via social media!  I’ve gotten to answer some questions around your specific money situations through Twitter, and I’d love to connect with you if my advice could help!  I’m happy to answer simple questions, or to do a full on coaching session with you based on a reasonable hourly rate.  Just shoot me an email if I can help you get a plan for your money!


More than anything though, I’m just so encouraged that these posts aren’t just words disappearing out into the vast internet.  I love knowing that there are real people like you that are walking this journey with me and who are helped by what I say.


Things Coming Up


New Content Mondays are still the plan!  Each Monday I will release new content.  I would love to post two or three times a week, but that just isn’t attainable with my current season of life.  The job that actually pays me so we can eat food and live indoors needs to get my best energy, and posting multiple times a week would certainly rob that.


I hope to guest post several more times in the coming weeks and months.  Still being new to the world of personal finance blogs, I want to get to know more bloggers in the space as well as their readers.  The more places I can add positive value, the more people I get to help.


I got to do my second guest post over on MillennialMoneyGuide.com just last week talking about the motivation freedom gives me.  Hop over and check it out!



I still want to take some time to learn more about Pinterest.  This is a goal that’s been following me for a couple of months, and I haven’t been able to nail it down and get started learning much yet.  However, I know that a ton of people on that site are looking for help with their money, so I don’t want to leave them hanging!


How You Can Help…


If you dig what I’m doing then I’d SO appreciate you doing any of the following things to help bring more people into the conversation of being a future millionaire:



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Here’s to the first three months and many, many more to come!

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