RightHandMoneyMan.com is a site dedicated to helping you manage your money more effectively and with more fulfillment than the crowd.

At the age of 24, my wife and I got married, and we were a pretty typical couple.  We both had college degrees (mine in Finance), were employed full-time, and we had just under $30,000 in student loan and credit card debt.  However, that’s where our story departs from the “typical” path.

As soon as we stepped off the plane from the honeymoon, we began living life on a plan.  We set goals to be debt free and building wealth as soon as possible, then made our lifestyle and budget match those goals.  Making two average salaries, we were able to pay off all our debt in less than two years, and all along the way have gotten to experience what few people do with their money…the freedom of being in control.

We’re not crazy wealthy (yet), our incomes are not above average, and we haven’t received an inheritance from a long lost rich uncle.  We’re just crazy enough to believe that this world isn’t against us, and the only thing holding us back from success is us.  If you’ve found your way here, I believe I am a future millionaire talking to future millionaires.

But I’m not just about getting rich so I can wave around fat stacks of cash.  I care very deeply that the life I live coincides with what I value most.

This is not just another site that will give you a money management system and how to do it.  I want to connect you to why you want to handle money well at all.  If you spend all day long focused on what you’re doing and how you’re doing it, you’ll never be motivated to be as intentional as when you connect to why.

I live my life according to the things I value most, namely, my faith and my family.  You and I will share a dialogue as I connect how I handle money back to principles that are non-negotiable for me.  In the process, I hope to inspire you to connect what you’re doing with money to something deeper.

You can trust that I’ll always talk about things the way I am doing, have done, or will do them in the future.  I will talk with you the same as I would talk to a family member or a close friend.  I’m not here to yell at you, I’m here to be in your corner, to cheer you on to the financial success that will mean the most to you and those closest to you.  If you’re tired of winging it or feeling like there’s got to be a better way, I want to help you manage your money on purpose.  Check out this post to get started.


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